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masseur does back massage to the young manAt New Wave Health Care Center, you will find the most experienced international male and female message therapists.

European Sports Massage has been an important necessity in the field of sports medicine. The prime process of sports massage is to help alleviate stress and tension that can be build up in the body’s soft tissue.

Deep Tissue Message is penetrating therapy that focuses on music tension and chronic muscular holding patterns. It is excellent for soft tissue injuries, relieving muscular pain and increasing range of motion.

Swedish Massage is a traditional nurturing therapy that reinvigorates the body and soul through long continuous strokes, which promote muscle relaxation and improved circulation. One hour of Swedish massage equals several house of restorative sleep.

Shiastu Message is a Japanese therapeutic massage besot on ancient oriental principles of Acupressure. It stimulates and relieves muscle tension while increasing blood circulation. Firm pressure is applied to various points along meridian lines, encouraging the release of energy & promoting the healing process.



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